FAQ – Peer Facilitating

Do I need to have experienced a loss in order to become a Peer Facilitator?
How long should I wait after my loss before attending a training?
We suggest at least a year, possibly two before you start a training, and have some knowledge of the grief process.
Do I have to attend each session of the training?
Yes, though we do understand that emergencies happen, so we will provide a make-up of the class that was missed.
If I find that peer facilitating is not for me, can I stop attending?
Although we hope that doesn’t happen, we understand that the training is extensive and can be very emotional, especially if you realize there are issues that you have not dealt with. By the same token, we may realize that at some point during the training we feel you may not be a good fit at that point in time. We try to discover any possible problems or issues during the interview before the training starts.

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See the testimonials from previous Peer Facilitator Trainees

"Keep doing what you are doing! You kept the pace moving in each of the sessions. Also kudos for truly listening to each of us, never being judgemental and never displaying a visible reaction if something offered might differ from your expectations."
"Very informative. I learned a lot. It definitely helped me better understand what a facilitator does."
"Outstanding! time was managed extremely well- After 8 weeks of training I'm feeling prepared to facilitate a group."
"To understand and learn the role of a facilitator as a support person not a fixer. The value of the various exercises and activities were very helpful."
"Learning the skills required for facilitating a group, the nature of the grief journey and how important what we will be doing really is."