FAQ – Support Groups & Workshops

After my loss how soon can I join a support group?
It is suggested that a person wait to around the six month period after the loss to join a group.
Do I need to talk in the group?
The “pass rule” is always respected. This means that a person does not have to talk or participate. As long as they are respectful they just need to say “pass”.
Can I bring a friend or relative with me as support?
No, we consider our groups to be a “sacred space” for those who have shared the same loss, so we must respect the confidentiality that comes with this.
Is this group like going to therapy?
No, peer support groups do not provide therapy rather they provide support in a safe non-judgemental environment, where members can explore their thoughts and feelings about their loss.
Do I need to complete the group if it doesn’t feel right for me?
If a person feels that the group is not right for them we do ask they try to stay for at least the first two meetings. Many times it takes those couple of weeks to get to feel comfortable with others and just to get the “feel” as to how each meeting will proceed. If after that time they still would not like to complete the group, we just ask that you notify the peer facilitator that you won’t be returning.

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